Being an SQL DBA for almost 4 years, is it better to choose AWS or Azure for career growth?

SQL certifications in 2023 account for some cutting-edge technology, so it’s well worth taking up to boost your career. This course will help you take advantage of your existing SQL Server skills and learn about managing, high availability, and performance of this cloud first solution. Dive deep into how SQL Server works to implement an effective high availability and disaster recovery solution… Joshua Adegoke is a talented writer what is sql dba with a year of professional writing, editing, and optimizing internet content experience. As a tech enthusiast, Joshua is passionate about the dynamism technology is bringing to the future of work. Presently, Joshua is a Work and Career section writer at MakeUseOf, with aspirations of flattening the learning curve for those willing to join the tech train. The test format comes in 60 multiple questions for 90 minutes, costing $150.

What is Microsoft Azure and How it works, Azure Cloud Services … –

What is Microsoft Azure and How it works, Azure Cloud Services ….

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The most popular certification requirement is Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. By holding this certification, you will gain a more-competitive resume that will look impressive to potential employers. An Azure Administrator is a subject matter expert who is responsible for implementing the Azure-based cloud infrastructure of an organization.

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Students will explore key concepts as well as practical skills, equipping them for successful exam performance. Find out more when you access our brochure on Microsoft certifications.

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Unfortunately, certification can seem like a daunting task, leaving many people to continually push it down lower on their list of things to do. Further complicating the matter, Microsoft has forced some changes that may make certification seem even more daunting than before. But as the saying goes, Knowledge is Power, so hopefully, understanding the current certification options will make the process seem less daunting and more attainable. Creating, querying, and programming with SQL databases using the Microsoft of Sybase extension language… Master SQL, Database Management & Design and learn to work with databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL + more. Master your skills to efficiently manage and maintain data on the cloud… We analyzed online job postings to determine the most commonly asked-for certifications.

The Perks of Having an SQL Certification

If you want to and have time to learn, then take the books, take the training and start practicing your skills instead of relying on unreliable, potentially misleading information. Many IT Professionals get certified to update their skills and give their resume the automatic boost that comes with certification. Other technology users may choose to get certified to become more well-rounded and gain a better understanding of the underlying products they work with every day. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that getting certified will only enhance your skills.